Life in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, a city designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1979, is undoubtedly a special place. It is not a lie that it is quite an experience just to visit it, but today in this blog-post we want to go even deeper. We want to tell you in detail what it is like to make this city your home.

What is it like to live in Antigua?

If we could describe this city in one word, it would be harmony. Antigua Guatemala is a harmonious city. It is a mixture of calm, color and warmth, perfectly balanced. Living in Antigua is an experience, you can enjoy a calmer pace in all aspects, including traffic. Bright colors everywhere, friendliness in the streets, spectacular flowers and aromas, and picturesque private houses that combine one with the other.

If you are looking to slow down a bit, and take your life at a more leisurely pace, Antigua is perfect for you. Somehow this city connects you with the depth and the great value that simplicity and details have, because you will not find huge shopping malls, giant theaters, huge buildings, or global stores, but on the contrary you will see that they abound local businesses, corner stores, street vendors, markets, florists, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and much more, without losing that classic and warm essence of the colonial style.

Where is a good place to shop for essentials?

Without a doubt, this is a question that arises every time we plan a move. We want to know which are those places where we can buy food, medicines, and products that we may not need in our homes. The distance we must travel to reach them is also very relevant to us, since emergencies can arise at any time. And the good news is that Antigua is a small city, there are no great distances to travel to obtain what we need, and despite being small, it has a variety of places within it where we can make these important purchases. From supermarkets, pharmacies, to local markets with fresh food, which are not far from the city center.

To name a few: Central Market of Antigua Guatemala, located in Alameda Santa Lucía and 4ta calle poniente; Cruz Verde Pharmacy, located at 6th avenue south, #11; Organic, healthy products store, located on 5ta calle poniente; La Bodegona Supermarket, located on 4ta calle poniente, #27; among others.

What do I need to know before I move?

You have to know that you will not want to take a step back. You will fall in love with the views, the weather, the warmth of the people, the coffee, the parks, the colors, the streets and avenues, the atmosphere, the ease of moving from one place to another, the food and from every corner of Antigua Guatemala. Are you ready to start this tour?

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