Interesting Facts About Colonial Design

Colonial design is something that undoubtedly characterizes the houses that are part of Antigua Guatemala, for this reason today in this blog-post we will be telling you interesting facts about this style. 

Colonial style isn’t about quantity, it’s more about the details.

What does this mean? It means that simplicity comes into play, leaving behind the overloaded spaces, without losing sight of the little classic elements that will be memorable, attractive and give that space that warmth. Has it not happened to you that you have entered old-fashioned cafes, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, shops, or even airbnbs in this beautiful city and all you feel when you enter is warmth as if it were your grandmother’s house? It is due to this, to the intention that there is in the details rather than in the quantity of them.

The furniture is part of the magic touch.

Choosing the furniture for each style is often one of the most difficult things, since these contribute greatly to each style, mainly the colonial style. Heavy, prominent and dark wood is characterized in the colonial style, for that reason you will see a lot of this in Antigua Guatemala. From the living room furniture to the headboards of the beds, they are intentionally made of wood that is noticeable when entering these spaces. You will also see wooden beams on the ceilings that give a rustic touch to the homes.

The lighting is the icing on the cake.

Candles are undoubtedly key. As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the characteristics of colonial design is the warmth that you can experience in the environment from the moment you enter a room. And much of that warmth is produced by lighting and aromas in the environments. That is why we know that aromatic candles cannot be missing in the colonial style, as they give spaces that intimate and warm touch, without a doubt, they are the icing on the cake. Nor can missing floor lamps with warm light, and lanterns.

The details.

Something that cannot be missing in the colonial style are tiled roofs, balconies, large patios, arches, columns and simple but particular patterns on the floors. Decoration elements such as mirrors, showcases, bookcases, rugs with colorful patterns, and paintings with wooden frames or golden tones cannot be missing either. Undoubtedly everything is in the details, and in the simplicity of them. It is impossible to enter a house with colonial style and go unnoticed the small, classic, fine, warm, simple and memorable details.

What do you enjoy most about this style?

We know that there is much more to the colonial style, so subscribe to our blog to read more information like this, also tell us on our social networks, what do you enjoy the most about the colonial style? and finally contact us now to help you find your new home in this beautiful city; Old Guatemala.


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