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Top 3 Local Markets in Antigua

In the previous blog-post “Life in Antigua” we told you a little about the warm experience that the city of Antigua Guatemala gives us when we decided to make it our home, and we also briefly mentioned some places that you will undoubtedly need to know if you are new over here Within those sites we mention some local markets because we know that these will become your best friends. Not only will they help us to stock our cupboards, but they will also help us lead a more organic life.

We know that there are many options within this beautiful city, however today we are going to give you our TOP 3 LOCAL MARKETS in Antigua Guatemala.

Antigua Guatemala’s Central Market .

The central market of Antigua Guatemala is located in Alameda Santa Lucía and 4ta calle poniente, and it is the largest in this beautiful city, not only in size, but also in variety of products. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, handicrafts, sweets, dining areas, cleaning products, clothes, shoes, electronic products and much more. It is also important to mention that the Central Market of Antigua is a very touristy and attractive area for foreigners due to the sales and the unique atmosphere that is lived here. It is open every day until 7:00 p.m., and you can also have easy access to the main bus station of Antigua Guatemala from here.

Caoba Farms.

Caoba Farms is located at 5th avenue south end, #6. All the products they have for sale are fresh and organic, and most of them are grown by themselves within this beautiful farm. They also have a restaurant, where they use these crops to prepare food. They have different activities available to the public, they have a nursery and they also have an area where they house different types of animals. They have 100% natural honey production, and they also have vegetables and fruits, homemade fertilizers, plants, seeds, spices, artisanal products, dairy products, eggs, meat and many more products, produced by them and also produced by other local suppliers. located in a perfectly organized store, where you can find everything you need with ease. The store’s opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Eco Farms.

Eco farms is located in San Felipe de Jesus, Antigua Guatemala. Their vegetables and fruits are cultivated with ancient Mayan techniques, it is for this reason that their food is organic and healthy. Apart from vegetables and vegetables, they also sell other products for the home, and they have workshops, social activities, and children’s areas that you can undoubtedly enjoy with the whole family. Business hours throughout the week are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Have you visited them before?

Tell us on our social networks if you have already visited them all, which one is your favourite, or which one catches your attention the most. Also do not forget to subscribe to our blog to receive more information about this beautiful city, and contact us now to find your new home in Antigua Guatemala.


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Top 3 Local Markets in Antigua

In the previous blog-post “Life in Antigua” we told you a little about the warm experience that the city of Antigua Guatemala gives us when

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